In contrast to other streaming platforms, SelectTV aggregates the information about all the free content on the web. Plus, you can embed your paid subscriptions inside (like Netflix), so that you can see all the TV shows and movies available to you at the single site, both paid and free. SelectTV is not a competitor for Netflix, but a pretty awesome supplement.

Why we love SelectTV

First, you don’t have to manually browse in Google in order to find sites where you can watch a specific TV show for free. Here, you get a neat list of links to all popular external sites.

Second, you can also add various live channels, radio stations and more, turning the website into your entertainment hub of sorts.

Third, the interface is pleasant to use, enabling you to quickly navigate around the site.

SelectTV makes it easy to sort all of the content it aggregates by genre, decade and other filters. In this way, it’s a lot of fun to take a deep dive into a specific movies/TV shows grouping and see what you can get your hands on.