If you are just starting out on your journey in streaming, Netflix is the best first step you can take. It’s the largest platform with movies of different genres. It costs from $9 up to $15. There’s a lot of other similar services on the market, but almost all of them focus on specific niches, while Netflix is the perfect catch-all.

Why we love Netflix

First, it has the biggest library of titles as compared to many other competitors.

Second, if you pick the premium plan, you’ll be able to enjoy HD quality for TV shows and movies. And, quite often, the quality matters.

Third, you can add the movies into the queue, so that you always have a neat list of titles to go through whenever you are out of ideas.

Fourth, Netflix actively monitors your picks and uses a pretty smart AI algorithm in order to recommend other flicks to watch based on your history.

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This can be extremely helpful because we all need to spend tons of time in order to uncover the perfect gems under tons of completely mediocre works. Netflix just makes this much easier.