Sure, there’s a lot of kids movies and cartoons on Netflix and similar platforms. But, there’s not that many Disney classics present, and you constantly have to “navigate around” all other genres. DisneyLife makes parents’ lives much easier as it provides great opportunities for kids to safely pick titles on their own and find many of famous and not-so-much productions.

Why you’ll love it as a parent

First, it’s not expensive at all with a $6 monthly subscription.

Second, there’s a huge library of titles here with more than 400 movies and 4000 TV episodes on offer.

Third, for those with big families, it’s super-awesome that you can create independent profiles for each kid and stream on up to four devices at the same time. No more fighting for the screen time.

Fourth, all flicks are in HD quality which matters a lot for kids who are all about visuals!

Fifth, you can watch all 3 of Disney’s channels around the clock.

Help your kids tap into the rich culture created by Disney. Don’t make them – or yourself – feed on the morsels thrown around by Netflix and the likes.