For those among you who want to browse around and maybe find another streaming platform outside the biggest household names like Netflix, Tubi is certainly a service of interest. Here, you can stream both TV shows and movies completely for free.

What do we think about it?

First, Tubi has around 35 categories which is among the deepest division by genre we’ve seen. It’s extremely helpful when you just want to browse through specific types of movies, but don’t have any title on your mind.

Second, the quality of all the movies we’ve checked out was at least on par with DVD standards. While some of the flicks are in HD, those in DVD quality are completely watchable.

Third, there’s not so many ads in your videos. If you roam around various free streaming websites, you’ll soon find that all of them air ads, but at Tubi this is not that intrusive and you’ll be OK with that.

Among additional benefits, there’s the closed-captioning option (through it’s not available for all films) and there are apps for iOS and Android, making it much easier to watch TV from the comfort of your smartphone