At some point, everybody gets pretty bored with the titles, offered by Netflix and similar giant platforms. The yearning for something new is taking hold over you, and you start your quest for competing platforms. Flix Premiere is one of them. It offers those movies that didn’t make it out of the festival-circuit’s purgatory into the wider distribution.

Each new movie gets its own premier period just like with conventional cinemas.

Why we love it

First, you’ve got to release control from the get-go. Nobody knows these titles, there are no reviews online. You just click on the name and see what happens next. Thus, you have to trust the team’s instincts and prowess in picking good indie and arthouse movies. This is kinda exhilarating and refreshing.

Second, it’s not expensive with $5 monthly fees in place.

Third, although there’s only around 150 movies on the platform, the list rotates fast and it’s well curated in the first place.

In addition, you can read a free magazine on this month’s premiers for die-hard cinephiles. Take a deep dive into indie and arthouse movies right now.